Dancer Placement Guidelines

Mini Level (Ages 6-7) - Intro level classes designed for new dancers or dancers who've matriculated our combo level classes. Recreational Company dancers relative to their age would be appropriate for this level. 

Level 1 (Ages 7 and older) - First or second year dancers who are new to dance or need to repeat the beginning class. Level 1 is better for the older beginner (i.e. a dancer who is 11 and wants to try ballet for the first time). Second year company dancers (second year of recreational or first year of primary). May repeat this class 2 times.

Level 2 (Ages 8 and older) - Dancers with at least a year of dance experience. This class is specific for the younger Advanced/Beginning dancers. Second and third year experienced Primary Company dancers. May repeat this class 2-4 years.

Level 3 (Ages 10 and older) - Dancers with at least 3 years of dance experience. Junior, and Pre-Teen Company level. May be repeated 2-4 years.

Level 4 (Ages 11 and older) - Dancers with at least 5 years dance experience. Pre-teen, Teen, and Senior Company dancers. May be repeated as many times as needed.

Level 5 – (Ages 14 and older) All dancers must be in high school to be in the level 5 class.